The Old Testament Bible Challenge for Kids


How would you like to provide an easy way for your kids to learn fun, interesting information in each book of the Bible? With this idea, they can extract the big ideas from each book. Doesn't that sound awesome? It does to me. I can't wait to start!

There are several ways you could use this:
  • Family devotions: Each night, take a topic and read the story together and talk about it. So many wonderful discussions and teaching moments could come from this. Give your oldest children the responsibility of creating the devotion from the information. Leadership training!
  • It could be used as a Bible Curriculum for your older homeschooler-they could research the topics and write a paper on as many topics as you want them to or for the younger ones, you could give a lesser challenge that fits their age and ability such as having your child find the verses and write about it, talk about it, or act it out... the sky is the limit.
  •  Family Fun! It could be a guessing game: My kids LOVE to play trivia games. Make it a bedtime tradition. It could be a game called "What Book is This Found In?".
  • Come up with your own idea and please, do share with us in the comment section below :) 
You could require different things...make a skit, create an interview between two characters in the story, a speech, a monologue, paper, a devotion, or develop a game. Switch it up. Use the stories for a grammar lesson to find the adjectives or prepositional phrases. There are so many options here. 

Not a homeschooler?? Not a problem! I encourage you as a parent to use it to help you train your children in the things of God.We have all been given a mandate to raise our children up in the way they should go and this is a tool to help you do it. A fun one at that!

Take a look at the facts found in each book. It won't take long to see that this will be a fun project for our kids and you might learn a little something too! 


The first skyscraper: Gen 11:1-9
The woman who became a mother at the age of ninety 17:17
The first child ever born  4:1
The prisoner in a dungeon who became a prince overnight 4:1
The first set of clothes in the world  3:7
The oldest man in the Bible  5:25-27
The baby born with an ID bracelet  38:27-30
The best dressed kid in town   37:3



The rock that turned into a drinking fountain  17:1-6
A river of blood  7:19-24
The people who painted their door frames with blood  12:6-7,13
The golden cow that people had to drink  32:1-20
The stick that turned into a snake  7:10-12
The frogs in the bedroom    8:1-15
A bush on fire that never burned up  3:1-2
A cloud that held fire instead of rain  13:21-22
The man who couldn't put his arms down  17:8-13
The meal that had to be eaten very fast  12:11



The goat that was sent into the wilderness  16:10,20-22
The feast without yeast  23:6-8
Fire that fell from the sky  9:24
The law to stay away from witches and sorcerers  20:6
Animals the Israelites were not allowed to eat  11:4-7
The dramatic way God punished two men for disobedience  10:1-2
People who were supposed to shout when they walked down the street  13:45-46



The birds that made everyone sick  11:18-34
The snake that people ran to see  21:4-9
When Moses counted to 603,550  1:1-2,20-46
The people who could never get a haircut  6:1-5
Spies in the land of giants  13-14
The talking donkey  22:21-36
The people who spent forty years wandering in circles 14:33-35
A pillar of fire 9:15-23
The special blessing  6:22-27
The Shepherd's staff that grew flowers  17:7-8
The people who were swallowed up by the earth  16:31-33



The shoes that didn't wear out for forty years  29:5
The biggest bed in the Bible  3:11
An animal not raised on any Israelite farm  14:8
The purpose of all the laws God gave his people  6:2
Where Moses kept all the laws in this book  31:24-26
The twelve curses the Levites had to shout  27:11-26
The big decision everyone had to make  11:26-28
What we are supposed to do with God's laws  7:11
What people were supposed to tie on their fingers   6:6-8
Rules for helping neighbors  22:1-4
A whole list of foods you could and couldn't eat  14:1-21
The Ten Commandments  5:6-21
What causes us to forget  God 8:11
How much you should love God  6:4-5
What kind of reputation the people would have if they obeyed God  4:6-8



The army that  walked through a river and didn't get wet  3:12-17
Two spies who hid on a rooftop and weren't found  2:6-15
The day the sun stood still  10:13-14
A shout that destroyed a city  6:20
The scarlet rope that saved a woman's life  2:17-21
The commander of God's angel army  5:13-15
Twelve stones the Israelites could not forget about  4:1-11
The bad trick played on Joshua 9:3-27
The man who let down a whole nation 7



The haircut that sent a man to prison  16:4-22
Animals that wore jewelry  8:26
The city gate that was found on a hilltop 16:1-3
The woman who gave Israel forty years of peace 4:4; 5:31
The lion that met its match 14:5-9
The woman who threw a millstone on a king's head  1:4-6
The king with no thumbs or big toes 3:15-30
The left handed judge 3:15-30
The man who lost his daughter over a foolish vow  11:30-35
The angel with the bad news  2:1-5
The angel inside a fire  13:19-21
How 300 soldiers defeated an army of 135,000  7:1-8:21
The miracle of the fleece  6:33-40


The sandal that helped two people get married  4:1-12 
The name of the city Ruth and Naomi returned to  1:19
What Ruth did in the fields  2:2
What gleaning was  2:15-18
The famous king who was a descendant of Ruth and Boaz  4:16-17
The land Ruth was from  1:1-4

1 Samuel


Why oil was poured on a boy's head  16:1-13
The man who became king while searching for his donkeys  9:1-20
How a boy killed a giant  17:32-58
Israel's biggest enemy  4:1
How the Ark of the Covenant was captured  4:1-22
The soldier sentenced to die for eating some honey 14:24-45
The weapon that killed the giant Goliath 17:48-49
Best friends  18:1-4
What was hidden in Abinadab's home for twenty years  7:1-2
One of God's weather weapons in defeating the Philistines 7:10
The flying spear that almost killed David  18:9-13
What happened when David and his men were hiding in a cave and Saul walked in  24:1-22
Why David went to live with the enemy Philistines  27:1-3
The death of Israel's first king  31:1-13
The rude man who got himself in big trouble  25:2-42
The sleepy boy who was woken up by God  3:1-19

2 Samuel


The man who had a bad hair day  18:9-15
The giant with the twelve fingers and twelve toes  21:20-21
What David brought to Jerusalem with much singing and celebration  6:12-23
The city that was captured by sneaking through a tunnel  5:6-12
The strange sound that helped defeat the Philistine army 5:17-25
The man who touched the Ark of the Covenant when he wasn't supposed to  6:6-8
God's great promise to David  7:16
The son who tried to kill his father to become king  9:1-11
The two friends who hid inside a well to help David  15:1-12
David's song of praise to God 22
Three men who risked their lives to get someone a drink of water  23:13-17
The woman who threw a man's head over the city wall to stop a rebellion  20:21-22

1 Kings


The baby that was almost cut in two  3:16-28
The greatest songwriter in the bible  4:29-32
The man who poured water on his wood before starting a fire  18:30-38
Two caves that saved one hundred men from certain death  18:3-4
The couple who received an entire city as a wedding present  9:16
The huge building that was put together without using a hammer  6:7
The prophet who outran a horse  18:46
The man who became king after David  1:28-53
The famous queen who visited Solomon  10:1-13
What Solomon chose when God told him he could have anything he wanted  3:5-10
What all the Temple furniture was made of  7:48
The most wicked king and queen Israel ever had  16:29-31
The name of the Temple room where the Ark of the Covenant was kept  8:6
The mistake that divided Solomon's kingdom in two  12:1-20
What caused Solomon to turn away from God  11:3-4

2 Kings


The man who washed in a dirty river to become clean  5:14-17
The boys who were attacked by bears  2:23-24
A ride to heaven in a chariot of fire  2:9-12
The man known as the craziest chariot driver in Israel 9:20
The boy who became king at age eight  22:1-2
The two prophets with similar names  2:9-15
The ax head that floated on water  6:1-7
The jar of oil that never ran out  6:8-23
The blind army 6:8-23
The nation of Israel taken into captivity  17:6-23
A King's prayer that turned back the enemy army  19:14-35
When the sun went backwards  20:9-11
The last king of Judah  25:1-7
The Babylonian king who conquered Judah and carried the people away  25:1

1 Chronicles


Soldiers who could shoot an arrow and sling a stone with either hand  12:2
The singing king who also made musical instruments  23:4-5
The first person mentioned in this book  1:1
The man who fought a lion in a pit on a snowy day  11:22
The man who wanted to build a temple- but God wouldn't let him  17:1-15
How many children David had  3:1-9
The giant with six fingers and six toes  20:6-7

2 Chronicles


Hilkiah's amazing discovery at the Temple  34:14
The most beautiful building in the world  3:3-17
The king who had twenty eight sons and sixty daughters  11:18-21
The king who became a leper  26:16-21
Why no one wanted a man named Shishak in town  12:1-12
How one man's prayer saved a nation  32:20-22
The bad news prophet  18:16-17
What Solomon chose when God offered him anything he wanted  1:7-10
Who visited Solomon with gifts loaded onto camels  9:1-12
The boy king  24:1-2
The wicked King who killed his own children  33:6
The Temple in flames  36:17-21
Ships carrying apes and peacocks 9:21


The first building the Jews worked on when they arrived in Jerusalem  3:8-9
People listening to a speech in the rain 10:9
The country where the Jews were held captive  1:1
The king who let the Jews go home  1:2
People who laughed and cried-at the same thing  3:12-13
A letter that stopped the rebuilding of the Temple 4:6-24
The king who gave away 30 bowls of solid gold  1:9-10
Two famous prophets who kept the people working  5:1
Why a man pulled out his hair  9:2-3 
How many Jews returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel  2:64-65


What Nehemiah did when people made fun of him  4:4
Why Nehemiah wanted to go to Jerusalem  2:3-4
How many days it took to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem  6:15
The prayer that had to be fast  2:4
The two bullies who picked on Nehemiah  4:1-3
A secret ride at night  2:11-15
Nehemiah's occupation  1:11


The hardest decision Esther had to make  4:4-16
The big beauty pageant   2:1-18
Why a man covered himself with ashes  4:1
A decision made with a ring  3:10
The queen who didn't want to be gawked at 1:11-12
A golden scepter that saved the queen's life  5:2
The man who was hung on his own gallows 7:1-10
A plot to assassinate the king  2:21-23


The man who had a hair raising experience  4:15
Satan's bargain with God  1:6-22
How Job ended up  42:10-17
The names of Job's three friends  2:11
How God answered Job  38-41
What was as heavy as the sand on a thousand beaches  6:2-3


Where being a doorman would be great  84:10
The Psalm that says the Lord is your Shepherd  23
The nation God stepped on  60:9-12
People who are like trees planted by a river  1:2-3
When God is like a rock  62:2
God's voice splitting giant trees and shaking mountains  29:4-6
A curtain that covers the earth  104:2-3
The shortest Psalm  117
The longest Psalm  119



What's as bad as yanking on a dog's ear  26:17
The two goals we should pursue  3:21
Something more valuable than rubbies  8:11
What makes a mother sad  10:1
How to become wise  1:7-9
Godlen apples in a silver basket  25:11
Why God punishes us  3:11-12
Four things too wonderful to understand  30:18-19
What you'll forget if you love someone  17:9


The right time for everything  3:1-8
What is better than being rich  7:11
What Solomon calls a "wonderful thing"  11:7
The triple-braided cord  4:12
The fastest runner who didn't win the race  9:11
How to be better off than most people  8:12
Impprtant words for those who are young  12:1
The duty of all people  12:13
Dead flies in a bottle of perfume  10:1

Song of Solomon

The chariot with a canopy of gold  3:9-10
Teeth like sheep's wool  4:2


The person with the longest name in the Bible  8:1
The man who kissed a burning coal from the fire  6:6-7
What God will never think of again  43:25
When children will play with wild animals  11:6
When Isaiah saw the Lord  6:1
The man who walked around naked for three years  20:3
The city where justice lives  33:5
The prophecy about Jesus' death  53:1-12
What stains the inside of you and who can remove it  1:18
The perfect ruler  9:6-7
Giant trees that will bow to the ground  2:13
Wolves that are friendly to lambs  11:6
The army that was destroyed without a battle  37:36
The day time went backwards  38:8


The biggest hammer in the world  50:22-25
The people who had to live in tents all their lives  35:6-7
How old rags saved Jeremiah's life  38:10-13
The man who wore a heavy ox yoke to teach a lesson  27:1-2
The stain that no soap can wash away  2:22
The king who burned a scroll with the words of God on it  36:21-25
Smoke signals  6:1
The most deceitful thing on earth  17:9
The story of the good figs and bad figs  24:1-10
The day Jerusalem was destroyed  39:1-18; 52:1-34


The city that shed tears  1:1-2
The people's only hope of being saved  3:21-22
Why God tossed away the city like a dirty rag  1:8
The men who threw dust on their heads  2:10


Why God told Ezekiel to eat a book  3:1-4
A cloud of fire  1:4
The man who had to lie on his left side for 390 days  4:4-5
A mighty dragon  29:3
The man who was called "son of dust"  2:1
God's promise to return the captives to their homes  39:25-29
The strange beings with four faces  1:5-11
A day that will be black as night  32:7-8
The strange haircut5:1-4
THe river that heals anyone who touches it  47:9
The man who dropped burning coals onto a city  10:2
A gret city that sank in the sea   27
A valley of bones that turned into living people   37:1-10
Fire raining down from heaven  39:6
The magnificent temple built for God and his people   40


The king who ate grass  4:33
The mysterious hand writing a message on a palace wall  5:5
The man who slept with lions  6:16-22
Three men who were thrown into a blazing fire- and lived!  3:23-26
The boys who ate their vegetables  1:16  
The king who had a terrible nightmare 2:1
The man who broke the law by praying  6:6-10
The secret Daniel had to keep  12:4
Lightning that came from an angel's face  10:5-6
The four huge beasts  7


A half-baked cake  7:8
The people who trusted a piece of wood more than God  4:12
What Israel had to do to keep from being captured  14:1-3
The man who had to buy his wife for eight bushels of barley  3:2
What God wanted from his people most of all  6:6
The people who kissed cows  13:2


The plague of locusts  1:4-7
The place God called home  3:21
The prayer that brought food  2:17-19
the ministers who cried all night long  1:13
The day the moon turned to blood  2:31
All the armies of the world gathered in the same valley  3:2


God roaring like a lion  1:2
What ws traded for a pair of shoes  2:6
Why God showed Amos a basket full of fruit  8:2
What Amos did before he was a prophet  1:1; 7:14-15
"Cow" girls  4:1



The cliff dwellers  1:3
Why God will punish Edom 1:10-11



The man who became fish food
A hungry worm
The strangest place anyone has prayed to God from
A one-way ticket
The man overboard
A city saved from destruction 


The Lord ruling the whole world from Jerusalem  4:2
The city about to crumble into a heap of rubble  1:6
The search fro an honest person   7:1-2
The people who shaved their heads because they were so sad  1:16
The day when all weapons will be destroyed   4:3


The city Nahum wrote about  1:1
The only place to go when trouble comes  1:7
What will happen to Ninevah  2:1



Questions for God  1
God's answer  2
Habakkuk's prayer  3
How a person can run like a deer  3:19



The day of judgment   1:8
God singing a joyous song  3:17-18
The small group that will be spared God's wrath   2:7


The day when the heavens and earth will shake   2:6,21
The church that needed to be built  1:2-8



The man who measured a whole city with a yardstick  2:1-2
A basket with something terrible inside  5:6
Why god told the people to get going  8:9
The man on a red horse  1:8
The Lord coming to live on earth with his people  2:10-13
A flying scroll  5:1
The mountain that will split in two  14:4



The great Judgment Day  4:1
How we rob God  3:8-10
People who think it's too hard to serve God  1:13


I discovered this list through the "Did You Find It" section in the Kids Application Bible/TLB Translation.


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